Jane and the Raven King

Jane and the Raven King

Stephen Chambers

Publisher: Sourcebooks

Publishing date: Jan 2, 2010

Genre: Fiction:Young Adult
Quality: 5


Product Description

Outside the window, a squirrel in a tree popped out with a little black suitcase. At first, Jane was sure she must be mistaken, but as she watched, the squirrel opened the tiny suitcase and began arranging nuts and acorns inside...

The animals clearly knew something was wrong. Even her pet iguana scrawled a warning in the sand of his tank: He is coming.

Soon all the animals are fleeing the suburb where Jane lives. But they aren't the only ones acting strange. Jane's parents seem to be hypnotized by their cell phones and the TV. And her grandma starts controlling the weather and speaking in a funny language. But when Jane meets an old blind man who can drive a car and claims Jane is the only one who can save the world, well, that's when things really start to get weird...

About the Author

While still in high school, Stephen Chambers sold two novels, Hope's End and Hope's War. Stephen will contribute to the forthcoming anthology of short fantasy fiction by rising authors, Twenty by Twenties, introduced by bestselling writer Orson Scott Card. Stephen is currently a doctoral candidate in the history department at Brown University.